What Kind of Wallet Do You Carry? Sleek and Slim or Over-Stuffed?

Zippo, a brand long associated with smokers and arsonists, has now decided to use its expertise in stainless steel to help those burdened with a giant Costanza wallet as it's come to be known. The company's new wallet is just under half an-inch thick, and its stainless steel housing will help block wireless signals… »5/16/13 5:52pm5/16/13 5:52pm

Use Android's Official Zippo Lighter App to Participate in a Strange, Ancient Concert Ritual

Back when everyone was smoking cigarettes wherever the hell they wanted, concertgoers apparently did this thing where they'd wave their lighters around during certain songs? Or something like that? That was before my time so I don't really know—I had to turn to the anthropologists at Wikipedia to get the historical… »4/20/11 2:40pm4/20/11 2:40pm