Motorola Zine ZN5 5-Megapixel Cameraphone Hits T-Mobile for $99

Motorola's ZN5 » 11/03/08 7:13am 11/03/08 7:13am cameraphone's just hit T-mobile today, and we're impressed: the 5-megapixel cam phone is going for as little as $99. That's on a 2-year contract, but it's still pretty impressive given that the phone's quad-band, with Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth, FM radio and a "proper" xenon flash unit built in. Is this…

Motorola + Kodak's 5-Megapixel Cameraphone Leaked Shots

We've been hearing about a 5-megapixel cameraphone from Motorola and Kodak for more than a year now, but we've only recently seen leaked photos of the actual device. Boy Genius says it's running on Motorola's MOTOMAGX Linux platform and has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 100MB internal storage and a ROKR touch wheel. The problems?… » 5/31/08 1:00pm 5/31/08 1:00pm

Leaked Photos of Motorola ZN5 Suggest Kodak Camera Partnership

More photos have emerged of Motorola's upcoming ZN5, and apparently suggest that the 5-megapixel camera is in fact a Kodak-built unit. The photos look pretty genuine, and certainly tally with the images leaked in April, so what else can we tell from them? The phone looks to be fairly slim, has a curious almost… » 5/02/08 7:23am 5/02/08 7:23am

Motorola's 2008 Cellphones Leaked (Guess What They Look Like!)

If you were hoping Motorola's 2008 cellphone lineup was going to turn around their "slump", we've got good news and bad news for you. The bad news is most of their phones are pretty much retreads of old devices, and there aren't any great new form factors—not even an iPhone clone—to speak of. The good news is that the… » 4/18/08 3:46pm 4/18/08 3:46pm