This Custom Poop-Chute Dispenses Droppings for Lions to Play With

There's a lion in the San Francisco Zoo that absolutely adores rhino dung: loves smelling it; loves rolling in it. A team of Stanford students found this out during a design-build course, and you know what they did? Those undergrads developed a custom three-pronged poop-chute for the lion lair. » 9/16/14 3:25pm 9/16/14 3:25pm

How Polar Bears Will Keep the Elephants Warm at the Oregon Zoo

Zoos are weird places. You have fake safari next to fake tundra next to fake rainforest—all separated by a glass and concrete and a few feet of space. At the Oregon Zoo, a new energy plan manages to both subvert and perfectly embody the zoo's artificial ecology: The excess heat from the polar beat habitat will keep… » 9/04/14 2:45pm 9/04/14 2:45pm

A Redesigned Zoo Where Humans Stay Hidden Could Be Better For Animals

Even the most zoo-friendly amongst us probably harbor mixed feelings about the undeniable psychological and physical toll that captivity takes on animals. The Danish architects at Bjarke Ingels Group think they've designed a better way. A Zootopia, if you will, where humans are usually hidden from animals by grass… » 7/29/14 7:07pm 7/29/14 7:07pm

The Weird, Depressing Stage Sets That Zoos Build For Their Animals

If you're like me, you can remember the discrete moment when the zoo stopped being fun and started being sad; when the jungle behind the animals stopped looking like jungle and started looking like concrete masonry painted with clumsy trompe l'oeil. » 5/05/14 4:42pm 5/05/14 4:42pm

Costa Rica Is Actually Closing All Of Its Zoos

Beginning in March 2014, the two government-owned zoos in Costa Rica will be closed. The country is known for prioritizing environmental conservation, and zoo closures are a major step that animal rights and environmental advocates have been supporting worldwide for years. And Costa Rica really doesn't need… » 8/04/13 8:00pm 8/04/13 8:00pm

Did This Elephant Actually Eat This Poor Tourist's iPhone?

Imagine you're out sight-seeing in Thailand. Whoa! Elephants! Better catch some video with your iPhone. Really hold it out there for a good shot when, haha, he's touching it with his trunk! Aaaand it's gone. Sure, it'd be equal parts hilarious and a bummer if it actually happened, and while that's what this video… » 12/30/12 7:00pm 12/30/12 7:00pm

Watch As Zoo Keepers Struggle To Contain a Deadly Rhino Pinata

Even zoos have to prepare for worst-case-scenarios, like when an animal escapes its enclosure. But I'm not so sure the paper mache rhinoceros used at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo really drives the point home of how dangerous this could be. » 2/09/12 3:40pm 2/09/12 3:40pm

Should We Just Let Pandas Die Off Already?

Pandas. Zoos want them, other bears want to be them (maybe?). But are they really worth all the trouble? Let's fight about it: » 9/16/11 5:11pm 9/16/11 5:11pm

Cops Scramble Helicopters and Tranquilizer Teams to Take Down Stuffed…

GOOD GOD MAN, RUN. RUN QUICKLY! SAVE YOURSELVES, THERE'S A VICIOUS BEAST PROWLING. CALL THE POLICE! CALL THE ZOO! CALL—Wait, what? What'd you say? It's just a stupid stuffed animal? Aw crap. » 5/23/11 12:40pm 5/23/11 12:40pm

How This Philips Viral Ad Led to a Gun-Toting Bear Hunt

There's nothing a marketing department loves more than a viral campaign. Millions of impressions! All that BUZZ! But what happens when authorities think your video of a bear just chilling on a street corner is real? Men with guns happen. » 10/14/10 12:40pm 10/14/10 12:40pm