Dealzmodo Review: The $300 Sonos Rig

Update: Best Buy is now selling the ZP80 for $200—while supplies last. I love Sonos, the super synced-up wireless music home system, but have always been a little freaked out by the price, about $750 to start, including the increasingly old-school-looking $400 scroll-wheel Controller. When I saw the Sonos iPhone Wi-Fi… » 11/23/08 9:00pm 11/23/08 9:00pm

Sonos Improves Wi-Fi With ZonePlayer ZP90 and Small Self-Powered ZP120…

Sonos upgraded their ZonePlayer lineup to the ZP 90 and the ZP 120. The ZP 90, which connects to existing home theater amplifiers, is essentially the same as the ZP 80, but now features SonosNet 2.0, which combines MIMO antennas with Sonos' existing mesh network. The ZP120, Sonos' main amplified unit, also includes… » 8/05/08 1:46am 8/05/08 1:46am