Rumor: Zune Flash and Zune 2.0 on June 1st, Zune Track Purchases over…

These photos claim to show a first-gen Zune running a firmware 2.14 that can purchase and download tracks over Wi-Fi with Microsoft points. They come from the same friendly Zune source that sent us the first photos of Zune 2.0 that some readers thought were Photoshopped. I can't tell if this is merely a first-gen Zune… » 5/10/07 2:41pm 5/10/07 2:41pm

Zune 2 Details: Even Larger Screen, Hard Drive

Although the announcement on Monday didn't happen publicly as we first thought, select developers did get to see the Zune behind closed doors and signed NDAs. iLounge's source tells them Microsoft demoed more than one upcoming Zune at the event. » 5/09/07 7:45pm 5/09/07 7:45pm

Rumor: First Zune 2.0 Photo?

In light of yesterday's rumors about Zune 2.0, I'd remembered an anon tip that came in two weeks ago along with this puzzling photograph of a Zune with an approximate 16:9 wide screen. (Compare that to ye old Zune 1.0's screen) I dismissed it then, but now, it makes a little more sense with all this talk of a screen… » 4/11/07 1:45pm 4/11/07 1:45pm

Zune 2.0 Details Leaked

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A Zune Worker and unmarked Zune Scene Editor walk into a convention center. The Zune scene editor says, "What do you do?" The trusting Microsoft employee says, "I make Zune." » 4/10/07 10:52pm 4/10/07 10:52pm