Zune 120 And Zune 16 Show Up On Our Doorstep With A New Look

Announced last week, the new line of refreshed Zune players arrived at Giz HQ today for our consumption. I really like the glossy black front, and anodized black metal back, which gives it a svelte, elegant look. One thing to note about the Zune 120 is that, unlike the Zune 80, it does not come with the Zune premium… »9/15/08 2:59pm9/15/08 2:59pm

Microsoft MixView Is Prettier, More Useful Version of iTunes' Genius

Not content with deploying their version of Apple's Genius tech support lackeys »9/12/08 1:21am9/12/08 1:21am, Microsoft is now biting on the iTunes Genius song feature as well and the initial previews make it look... really awesome, actually. Wired got a sneak preview of the Zune 3.0 software, to be released on Sept. 16, and found it much more…