Microsoft Valentine's Day Zune Delayed; Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

Those chaps at Microsoft promised a special edition Zune 80 for Valentine's Day, but the units have struck a delay and will not reach their destinations on time. That surely blows, but if your sweet was due to receive a Cupid red Zune 80, fret not. Microsoft is doing the right thing—they're refunding the cash, and… »2/09/08 10:55am2/09/08 10:55am

Microsoft Picks Worst Day of the Year to Announce Red Zune 80 for Valentine's Day

Hey Microsoft, did you really think you were going to eat into Macworld coverage by announcing a new paintjob for the Zune 80 for Valentine's Day? You can't just cut into someone else's party like that; it'd be like Apple announcing some major product during CES or something. If you are so inclined to get a red Zune… »1/15/08 4:41pm1/15/08 4:41pm

First 6 Takes on Zune 80 (Verdict: Better Than iPod Classic?)

The $249 Zune 80 is Microsoft's latest attempt to kick the iPod in the nuts, praying to crack Jobs' titanium-diamond alloy cup through Wi-Fi features and a touch of divine intervention. CNET, Wired, Dean Takahashi, PCWorld and YahooTech struck first with reviews on the new device. Their verdicts? The cup has not yet… »11/12/07 9:42am11/12/07 9:42am