iHome ZN9 is the World's First Zune Alarm Clock Radio

It's pretty amazing that no one's made an alarm clock radio for the Zune yet—it's been out for a year and a half already—but iHome's stepped up to the plate. The ZN9 has dual alarms, separate weekday/weekend times, backlit LCD, and of course a Zune dock. It's similar in functionality to this other iHome alarm clock… » 6/05/08 4:56pm 6/05/08 4:56pm

VAF Octavio 1: A Luxury Zune Dock Worth its Price

The lucky folks at Zune Scene have gotten their hands on what could possibly be the best-looking Zune accessory out there, the VAF Octavio 1. The Octavio 1 is basically a stereo dock for your Zune, much like the Hi-Fi is for your iPod. The difference here is style. The Octavio 1 is oozing with it. The 52-pound dock… » 2/16/07 10:35am 2/16/07 10:35am