Zune HD Gets Its First 3D Games (And They're All Free)

The last Zune HD firmware update apparently had one more trick up its sleeve: 3D gaming, finally. And while the new games might be late in coming to the Zune Marketplace, they look worthwhile. And more importantly, they're free. » 11/11/09 8:53am 11/11/09 8:53am

Video: Zune Multiplayer Games In Action

There's a Zune event going on up at the Microsoft event today and the Zune team showed off a few demos of games. Two cool aspects are that Zune XNA games supports 8-player ad-hoc wireless game play, and while there is no 3D hardware acceleration, it can use software rendering for 3D. The demo for the first-person… » 5/05/08 3:32pm 5/05/08 3:32pm

Video Tour and Details of Zune Games and SDK

I got a chance to see first hand what the newly announced Zune gaming platform could look like. It's important to keep in mind that this announcement is still in the early stages of development, and we won't see any finished products, on the business or creative side, anytime soon. But this quick video walkthrough… » 2/21/08 4:40pm 2/21/08 4:40pm

Xbox 360 XNA Arcade Games to Come to Zune

Microsoft just announced that the XNA Game Studio, the user-created games program for the Xbox 360 is coming for the Zune. The demo shown at Game Developer's Conference shows a person controlling the game with the Zune pad, pausing the game, going out and switching music on the Zune, then going back into the game.… » 2/20/08 2:28pm 2/20/08 2:28pm