Is Zune Finally, Officially, For Real Dead This Time?

It's getting to be one of the more recycled rumors in tech: Microsoft is done with Zune hardware, but Zune software will live on, maybe rebranded, maybe not. This time it's Bloomberg's Dina Bass throwing her tweet into the ring, saying that we won't be seeing any more Zune hardware. » 3/14/11 4:44pm 3/14/11 4:44pm

Is Microsoft Getting Closer to Killing the Zune Brand?

As much as I hate to say it, the Zune is more or less dead. It's been a year and a half since we've seen a redesign, and though Zune hardware has always been quality, Microsoft seems to have refocused their handheld efforts behind WP7 (with rumors of an Xbox-branded device). But there's also Microsoft's Zune… » 3/08/11 7:40pm 3/08/11 7:40pm

Zune HD Gets Two New Apps, MSN Money And Animalgrams

Both apps are free and currently available for download in the Zune Marketplace. MSN Money lets you monitor stocks, convert currency, and get info on companies and past trends, and Animalgrams is a basic word game where you to come up with as many words as you can from an animal's name before the time runs out. [Zune… » 7/30/10 2:26pm 7/30/10 2:26pm

Go Get Your Zune 4.5 Update

The Zune 4.5 update we saw last week looked pretty good! More codec support, Smart DJ music discovery (similar to the iTunes Genius feature that's pretty stellar with a Zune Pass), and a few other fun features. It's available even sooner than we thought, so all you Zune owners go ahead and open up your Zune software on … » 4/05/10 1:26pm 4/05/10 1:26pm

64GB Zune HD Will Cost $350; Other Models Slashed By $20

Well hey, here's a nice little complement to the Zune's updated software: As expected, there's a new 64GB model, which is otherwise unchanged, and sells for a hefty $350. As for the 16GB and 32GB models, they're $20 cheaper now. » 3/31/10 1:31pm 3/31/10 1:31pm

Zune HD2 Will Be Like iPod Touch for Windows Phone 7 (Read: Apps!…

Sorry, everybody who bought a Zune HD! You screwed up. It won't be a part of the XNA Game Studio 4.0 party—meaning it won't play those new mobile Xbox Live games for Windows Phone 7—unlike the Zune HD2. » 3/09/10 7:03pm 3/09/10 7:03pm