Will Zune Be Reborn As a Handheld Xbox?

Microsoft's Zune media player never really caught fire, or generated much heat at all. And while Microsoft appears committed to Zune's services and features, ZDNet speculates that Zune as we know it isn't long for this world. » 2/15/11 3:15pm 2/15/11 3:15pm

Zune HD2 In the Works at Microsoft?

Rumors of the Zune HD2, a next-gen entertainment device that would run Windows Phone 7's spiffy Xbox Live games, have been kicking around for months. But a new Microsoft job listing suggests that now it's actually in the works. » 9/13/10 2:19pm 9/13/10 2:19pm

Zune HD2 Will Be Like iPod Touch for Windows Phone 7 (Read: Apps! Also,…

Sorry, everybody who bought a Zune HD! You screwed up. It won't be a part of the XNA Game Studio 4.0 party—meaning it won't play those new mobile Xbox Live games for Windows Phone 7—unlike the Zune HD2. » 3/09/10 7:03pm 3/09/10 7:03pm