Zune HD Gets Its First 3D Games (And They're All Free)

The last Zune HD firmware update apparently had one more trick up its sleeve: 3D gaming, finally. And while the new games might be late in coming to the Zune Marketplace, they look worthwhile. And more importantly, they're free. » 11/11/09 8:53am 11/11/09 8:53am

Zune HD Amazon Listing Hints At Games, Apps

Amazon's listing for the upcoming Zune HD is a little sparse for the time being, given how little we actually know about this device. Buried in the product description, though, are clues for a possible bombshell: game and app support. » 6/03/09 4:04am 6/03/09 4:04am

The Mystery of the Zune HD

Microsoft pulled a very weird move of announcing the Zune HD yesterday while scheduling the release date two seasons (summer, then fall) away. But there's a reason: the E3 gaming conference is next week. » 5/27/09 2:40pm 5/27/09 2:40pm