Xbox and Zune to Undergo Painful Service Outage on Monday, Down for Up to 48 Hours

Microsoft has scheduled simultaneous service outages for its Xbox Live and Zune platforms this Monday, September 29th, starting at 12:01 PST. These "regularly scheduled maintenance" outages will take up to 24 hours for Xbox Live and up to 48 hours for Zune. Read on for the details. Xbox Live will be offline, and you… » 9/27/08 11:00am 9/27/08 11:00am

Rumor: Nokia Working on Zune Marketplace Integration

Zune Scene's been tipped off by a "well placed source" inside Microsoft that Nokia is working on integrating Zune Marketplace into its phones. What's the deal here? Would Microsoft take what they wanted to be a complete vertical solution—Zune player with Zune Marketplace with Zune software on the PC—and let other… » 8/04/08 2:50pm 8/04/08 2:50pm

Microsoft's Zune Video X Could Be Xbox Live Marketplace Meets iTunes

Mary Jo Foley over at ZDNet has a pretty interesting rumor on a Zune Marketplace-like service in development code named "Zune Video X". It's supposed to take what Microsoft's learned from their Xbox 360 Live Marketplace endeavor (menus, selling movies, renting movies, organization, etc) and port it into a Zune… » 4/17/08 9:00pm 4/17/08 9:00pm

Zune 3 Details - Holiday 2009 with Wi-Fi Music Store

Microsoft France's Francois Ruault seems to be a bit more talkative on the Zune platform than he should be, inadvertently announcing that the third-generation Zune is going to launch during the holiday season of 2009 (which means there's actually no release this year—weird). Plus, there's going to be a Wi-Fi music… » 3/13/08 3:00pm 3/13/08 3:00pm

Microsoft Launches Microsoft Point Gifting at the Last Possible Holiday Shopping Moment

Good news procrastinators and slackasses! Have you still not bought The Orange Box or another appropriately awesome game for your best bud with an Xbox 360? No worries, just give them a shitload of Microsoft Points from the comfort of your lonely computer chair. As of yesterday, you can gift points from the Microsoft… » 12/24/07 1:00pm 12/24/07 1:00pm

Zune Marketplace Songs Play Nice with PlaysForSure Devices?

Remember when Microsoft decided to create a new form of DRM for the Zune marketplace, making songs bought using their PlaysForSure system incompatible with their new player and songs bought through their new store incompatible with all other players? That was hilarious! Well, it turns out that the wall set up between… » 2/26/07 11:48am 2/26/07 11:48am

Zune Marketplace vs. iTunes Hands-On: iTunes Search Comes Up Lame

The fanboys at Zunerama did a head-to-head comparison of search capabilities of iTunes and Zune Marketplace and made a couple of valid points. One, iTunes is unforgiving of spelling errors, while Marketplace will let you enter partial searches or misspell words and forgives you like Google does. » 1/30/07 10:38am 1/30/07 10:38am

Sheesh. How hard…

The Beatles Finally Heading to Online Music Stores, But Which Ones?

The Beatles are coming to an online music store near you "soon." So says EMI's head suit David Munns. Why should you care? Well, besides the fact that, you know, the Beatles pretty much invented the modern concept of a rock band, we could see an interesting battle between Apple and Microsoft. Will iTunes or the Zune… » 11/14/06 9:01am 11/14/06 9:01am