Microsoft: There's Still a Sliver of Hope For Zune On Apple Products

Microsoft's all about letting little nuggets loose this fine afternoon: a Microsoft rep just told Mary Jo Foley that the company is mulling "port[ing] the Zune software and services to other platforms, including Apple's." Hey, yes! Do that! » 10/06/09 6:02pm 10/06/09 6:02pm

Zune on the Mac? Not Quite Yet

The Zune hacking continues, and now an enterprising coder almost has it running on his Mac. The XNJB software he used is not quite able to transfer files to or from the Zune yet, but so far it's able to recognize Microsoft's player and display its file structure. It's a start, and it even works with Zune's updated… » 11/28/06 10:21am 11/28/06 10:21am