Zune 120 Coming in Blue, Along with New Zune Originals Designs

Microsoft's arty Zune Originals designs are a great selling point for the device, but if you weren't satisfied with the selection so far, they're adding a whopping 46 new sketches to the collection. Some of the new designs are awfully snazzy, and they're all available on the Zune Originals site » 11/08/08 10:00am 11/08/08 10:00am. While perusing the…

80GB Zune Can Now Be Gussied Up with Zune Originals, Too

If you like that Zune Originals engraving that was formerly only available on the 4GB and 8GB models, now you can enjoy that same subtle and intricate artwork from 18 artists on the 80GB model. Accompany your choice of artwork with your favorite phrase, or choose text by itself or artwork alone. The flash-based… » 11/29/07 11:15am 11/29/07 11:15am

Zune Originals Steve Ballmer Edition (We Miss Gates So Much)

This Zune Original Steve Ballmer edition is good. Its unapologetic adolescent humor was jut the ticket to making us lol a bit on a Friday morning. (In truth, it's tough to screw up a Ballmer parody.) But it made little Christmas lights illuminate in our otherwise dusty heads. Our question to you: Who wouldn't want a… » 11/16/07 9:18am 11/16/07 9:18am

Custom Zune Originals Pretty Damn Good Looking

As expected, last weekend's rumored Zune Originals store turned out to be true. A group of 18 artists (including famous Barcelona artist Catalina Estrada) have produced 27 unique designs called the Artist Series for the Zune Originals store. In addition, the store will feature the Tattoo Series, 20 graphics that can… » 11/12/07 11:14am 11/12/07 11:14am