Zune Guy Makes Yet Another Fantastic Life Decision

Zune Guy — arguably the greatest fanboy of our time » 10/20/08 5:32am 10/20/08 5:32am — has decided to finally commit his from his namesake to ink. So what does he do? He integrates the Zune logo into a tattoo of Dick Cheney as the Devil, where it serves as a makeshift inverted pentagram on the veep's forehead. As far as tattoos go, this…

Zune Tattoo Guy Asks Microsoft's Permission to Change Name to 'Microsoft Zune'

As if this Zune Tattoo guy couldn't get any crazier, he's actually starting the process of legally changing his name to "Microsoft Zune." As you'd suspect, Microsoft might have a problem with that, so Mr. Zune Tat called up tech support to ask their permission on whether it was OK. And for all of our enjoyment, Steve… » 4/14/08 3:35pm 4/14/08 3:35pm