Democrats and Republicans Get Special Edition Zunes For Their Conventions

Microsoft's just slapped together a pair of special edition Zunes for both the Republican and the Democratic National Conventions and they look pretty damn great. The one for the DNC is awarded for the winner of the "Green Delegate Challenge", which is contest for delegations that "demonstrate the highest level of… »8/26/08 7:50pm8/26/08 7:50pm

Hidden MP3 Player Helps Gunman, Busts Detective for Perjury

A veteran NYPD detective is in danger of losing his job. A murder suspect gets his sentence reduced to a slap on the wrist, even though he was caught on surveillance camera shooting a man in the face in a Bronx elevator. Why? A little red MP3 player that was stashed in the shooter's pocket during the interrogation. »12/10/07 9:30am12/10/07 9:30am

Rhapsody and Haier Go PC-Free with Ibiza Wi-Fi Music Player

Today Rhapsody and Haier launched the Ibiza Wi-Fi music player, which lets you download Rhapsody tracks via Wi-Fi without connecting to a PC first. This is really good news for Rhapsody users, until now there was no true portable device for managing tracks, though Apple, Microsoft and SanDisk (with Yahoo) have… »11/20/07 10:17am11/20/07 10:17am