Take a Nostalgia Trip With These Beautiful Wooden Gliders

Remember those awesome polystyrene toy planes that used to come in paper sleeves? They were the coolest, right? Well, now you're all grown up, how about a grown-up equivalent—in the shapes of these gorgeous wooden gliders.

Fortunately, Matthew Tait has put together a new set of toy planes called Turbo Flyer. Handmade from balsa and screen printed in a variety of colors—take your pick from black, red, green or blue—they're basically an adult take on the childhood classic.

With a wingspan of 12 inches, the planes are apparently capable of soaring over 50 feet if you throw 'em right—which sounds like a challenge to us. They cost $15 each, or $50 for a pack of the four different colors. [Tait via Design Sponge]