Már kapható az Iphone 5S

Már kapható az Iphone 5S

Legalábbis Amerikában. Vásárlás után állítólag órákon belül jelentkezik az érzés, az ujjlenyomat-olvasó megszokása után, hogy úristen, mit műveltünk eddig a nyomorék jelszavainkkal?

Original post by Jamie Condliffe on Gizmodo

You Can Order the iPhone 5S Right Now

You Can Order the iPhone 5S Right NowThe reviews are in, you've seen its guts—and now it's time to buy the damn thing. The iPhone 5S is now available for order in Apple's online store.

Currently available in all capacities and colors, it's worth getting your order in soon just in case stock levels aren't quite what Apple would like. Usually in times like this the Apple website gets hammered to oblivion and spurts out nothing. If history has taught us a few tricks in handling these iPhone pre-orders, it'd be to maybe give the Apple Store App a try if Apple.com fails you. [Apple]