In his most recent Letter From the Editor, Rosecrans Baldwin, co-editor of The Morning News, recounts spotting none other than Steven Spielberg buying an iPod at the Apple store in Soho:

I'm in the Apple store down in Soho with Glen to buy a Bluetooth USB thingie so my cell phone can talk to my computer can talk to me and we can all have a well-rounded game of cancer in my groin, when we notice Steven Spielberg roaming around with a young boy [let's call him Elliot] and a salesman. The salesman, we think, was clueless to the rather short and skinny director's identity as the master of American sentimentalism [i.e., the actual American identity, God bless him], leading the salesman to ask, as Spielberg picked up his second iPod within ten minutes, "Are you into gadgets?," which Spielberg answered incredulously and loud enough for the store to hear, "Man... am I ever!"

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