"Bookmark and visit Gizmodo at least weekly and you'll discover the latest tech products for your watch or wish lists. We recently came upon a new Web blog less than a year old, Gizmodo. And now we're back there at least every other day. Why? Because there is no better place on the Web to see the latest tech products for the home. Peter Rojas does a masterful job of searching and sifting through what must be 100's of Web sites and pages a day to extract and comment on only the best stuff.

The site's usefulness reminds me of the column I wrote for eight years for Better Homes and Gardens. I would sift through about 700 news releases a week, plus attend all the major home products trade shows, in order to select, photograph and publish the best 8 to 12 items each month. Now, thanks to the Web, and the skillful sleuthing and helpful opinions of someone like Peter Rojas, you can get snapshots — or in-depth looks — at any type of tech product that might enhance your digital lifestyle at home."