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The San Jose Mercury News doesn't think much of HP's new wireless Digital Media Receiver, which connects your PC with your home entertainment system so you can listen to MP3s and look at digital photos that are stored on your hard drive in other rooms of your house:

[Y]ou can't listen to music on the DMR without plugging the unit into a TV to see what you're doing. This means you can't use the DMR to move music to rooms where you have a stereo but no television. The DMR, for example, can't move streaming Internet radio from your PC to your stereo; the unit only plays music stored on your PC's hard drive. While you can tell the DMR to print photos on your computer's printer, you can only print at 4x6. And the interface can be confusing; there's no way, for example, to change the music you're hearing during a slide show without completely exiting from the slide show. Finally, you can't create custom playlists of your music tracks or change the order of slide shows from the DMR; you have to set up playlists and arrange slide shows at your PC.