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It's a small cult, but there is a group of people who believe that the keyboard reached perfection sometime around 1990, when IBM's 101-key keyboard was king. In his latest column, Gary Krakow, ships off a musty old 101'er to PC Keyboard, a company which for a small fee will clean them up, refurbish them, and ship them back good as new. And he's pretty satisfied with the results:

It was like rediscovering an old friend with whom you ve been out of touch. Once you get reacquainted, it s like you ve never been apart. This is one great keyboard. Yes, it makes a lot of noise, but there s something about the way the keys bounce under your fingers that allows me to type at almost double my normal speed (which isn t too fast to begin with). No throw-away technology here. This is one solid piece of gear.