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Joining firearms, cellphones and wireless mice on the list of gadgets banned from airplanes is the Knee Defender, a small block of plastic that will prevent the asshole sitting in front of you from fully reclining his or her seat and making the rest of your flight a living hell:

Northwest Airlines said it will ban the Knee Defender from all flights. Other carriers, such as American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, acknowledged concerns about safety — not to mention the comfort of passengers who want to recline — but are still figuring out what to do. The safety concerns stem from the design, because the Knee Defender works only when the tray table is down. The hard plastic block, which has an inch-wide groove down the middle, fits around the arm of a tray table and acts as a barrier to the seat's backward movement. "We have tested this product on several seat types and find that when installed, should someone try to force the seat to recline, the tray table assembly can break," said Mary Stanik, a Northwest spokeswoman. "If the seat is damaged, including the tray table, in flight, it may adversely affect passenger evacuation in the event of an emergency."


Whatever. The guy who invented this should get a medal.