Brighthand review of the new iPAQ h4155 Pocket PC from Hewlett Packard. The h4155 (which has a 400MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, and both Bluetooth and WiFi built-in) has largely been overshadowed by some of the other handhelds that have come out recently, like Palm's Tungsten T3 and Dell's Axim X3i, but if Brighthand's enthusiasm is any indication, this one is not worth overlooking:

They said it couldn't be done. That creating a pocketable, multimedia-capable handheld with a magnificent color screen, fast processor and, heaven forbid, two forms of wireless was an impossibility — a contradiction of terms, so to speak. Well, it seems that no one informed HP of this apparent conundrum. Its new iPAQ h4155 Pocket PC does just that, and it may well be the best looking device on the market to boot.

By the way (and we know it's pointlessly confusing), but the h4155 is also known as the h4150.

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