According to the latest numbers from Gartner, PalmSource (the software side of Palm that produces PalmOS) and Microsoft are in a "dead heat" in the PDA operating system race, with Palm taking a huge drop to sit at 40.7% of the market, while Microsoft moved up to around 40.2%. Gartner is speculating that many PalmOS users are waiting for the new version of the operating system ('Cobalt,' the version 6 PalmOS that is supposed to leverage a heap of tricksy technology from BeOS) and that Microsoft's bundled Outlook has made enterprise application integration a key feature for adoption in the business world.

RIM is up to a reasonable size of the market, too, with 14.8%, but don't expect them to make any long-term penetration—a projection I base mostly on Research In Motion's licensing of its hallmark Blackberry email technology to other PDA manufacturers.

And Linux, god bless its little heart, is just a little blip on the screen, losing about half of its previous share to fall in around 1.9%.
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