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Go Go Engadget for a sharp-eyed snag from Expansys's site: the first public (and probably accurate) Playstation Portable specs. There's a mess of data to wade through, but some highlights include dual-MIPS R4000 cores, dual-graphics cores with a 664-megapixel per second fill rate (which seems low to me to hit 'Playstation 2 Quality Graphics', as the PS2 was rated around 2.4 gigapixels per Second), AVC decoder (for watching DVD-quality movies), USB 2.0, WiFi, and an extension port. Should be fun to see what they extend with that (something that can't be done over USB 2.0, presumably).
Read [Expansys-USA via Engadget]

Update: Oh, duh, these are the same specs announced way back in July of 2003. At least printing them again was enough to get confirmation from Sony that the specs are "still fairly accurate, but final hardware specs haven't been announced - or leaked - yet." We'll get you yet, Sony.
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