It's interesting that so many seem to find cold shiny steel arousing. I mean, robots and sex? Robots are, like, the antithesis of the best sex - messy, sweaty, sweet and tasty. BUT - and maybe this is something for Fleshbot to grapple with - there is quite a lot of interest in the idea of building the ultimate robotic, fully-programmable sexual partner. But even so, what's the deal with Roboho? [Uh, most decidedly NOT worksafe. Obviously.] What I really don't get is the avatar that looks like Kirby with a three-foot dick. Yeah, that's hot. Well, you can play the game - "The setting: MEGA CITY the amazing metropolis of the future! The action: XXX hardcore robo-sex! The objective: master your Roboho and start earning money! If you can handle this fabulous sex machine, you may have what it takes to be a 21st Century RoboPimp!"

Ooooooh yeah.