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The Guardian, last weekend, had a review of the Sony VAIO Pocket, the new portable hard disk player that takes a swipe at Apple's iPod. Humorously, after all the talk of "turning up the heat" and "firing shots across the bow" at Apple, by the end of the review the writer is still saying they'll stick to their iPod. I have no inherent problem with Sony making a device that blows the iPod out of the water—as a product company, I like Sony just as much as Apple—but just because it would be interesting to see the iPod knocked out of first place in the player wars doesn't mean its going to happen just because it's Sony trying to do it, Walkman experience or no. The VAIO Pocket is too heavy and too unwieldy to beat the iPod, among other shortcomings—it's going to take someone beating Apple in every single way before the iPod will fall to another device.
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