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This one is, as they say, for my homies: Now I don't know if anyone at Apple reads Gizmodo — they like whizbang fu-shneckenry, so we'll assume someone does — but I'd like to just go ahead and address something real quickly. When Steve Jobs said in the April 28th iTunes Conference Call that they had no plans to add Ogg support to iTunes/iPod because Apple were "not getting any requests from customers for it," I realized that, possibly, Steve Jobs does not troll the forums of Slashdot all day long (!?). So I'd like to sort of act as the liaison between those fuming but misdirected Ogg supporters who, perhaps subverted by the customer service firewall that (possibly) isn't getting the occasional messages through, and the product managers, et al, at Apple that aren't hearing the cries of this vocal but poorly aimed minority. Please either 1) add native Ogg support to iTunes and iPod (I know we can add Ogg to iTunes ourselves now, but still...) or 2) give us a good reason for not choosing to support the admittedly niche but excellent codec besides 'no one asked for it.' We're asking.

I will, because as much as I would like to think everyone ever reads this site, forward this request to Apple, like all you Ogg advocates should be doing with yours, as well.