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So I want to hate this, but the little astronaut inside of me is squealing (I think he's running out of air). For $225 everQuest Design (I know, but forgive them) will sell you a laptop bag (of unknown quality) that incorporates an authentic piece of the parachute from the 1990 Soyuz TM-8 Space mission. That's right — part of this bag has been in space.

And if the Russian space program isn't your bag (oh god, I'm sorry), they also have a series of satchels made from the sails of the 1974-1977 America's Cup winner that might just float your boat (I'm here all week, you unlucky bastards). The America's Cup bags are only $145.
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Update: Soyuz Bags has just informed me that because I bitched about the price they've lowered it to $195. The power of personal publishing! And bitching!