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Gizmodo has been given the details of Apple and BMW's new 'iPod Your BMW' campaign by one of our favorite kinds of tipsters, the kind that likes to remain anonymous. Here are the details.

First of all, most BMWs on the road won't be able to use the BMW iPod connection kit. Not only does the kit only work with 2002 or later 3 Series, X3 SAVs, or Z4 Roadsters, any car with optional built-in Navigation system, cassette deck, satellite radio, or CD change won't be able to use it, presumably because of the lack of dash space for the digital readout and because the auxiliary audio wiring is already taken up. So unless you've got the stock Standard or Premium sound (and the right car), you're pretty much out of luck — unless you're buying new, then knock yourself out.

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Our source has a lack of info on exact price, although dealership installation charges are being quoted at around $235. Hopefully that includes the hardware, as well, but then again, we are talking BMW, the company that requires you to use their own magic oil (no hate mail unless it's delivered in the new BMW you're giving me, thanks).


The iPod slips inside a dock in the glove box and controls are on the steering wheel, and they look to be pretty basic, with only an track up/track down selection and what looks to be a mute button. BMW asks that you create five selectable BMW-specific playlists (probably something like the ones I made in my iTunes picture to the right) on your iPod which are controlled by the 1 through 5 button on the dash, while selecting 6 will play through your entire iPod library. This implies you won't have as much control over your iPod as you would with its native interface. If that's the case, that will be a serious ding against the usefulness of the kit.

So there you have it, an expensive kit that lets you tie your iPod directly into your BMW's existing hardware, while severely limiting the usefulness of it at the same time. If you're going to hide away your iPod in the glove compartment, it would be nice to not hide away the interface that makes it unique, as well.


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