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So I'm over a week late, because, uhm ... but I have good news. Everyone who entered the Gmail contest is a winner! I still only have three invites on that account, but I'll make you a deal: for those of you who have already entered, I'll continue to push out invites as I get them (on the gizmodo@ account and a couple others) until everyone gets the hook up. I'm sorry I'm so slack, but I think that's a fair trade. The only thing I would ask is that if you get any spare invites, let me know on the gizmodo@ account so I can pass them on to those in need. We'll get this whole damn battlestation on Gmail if it's the last thing we do!

There are of ton of you who entered, though, so please be patient. I'll try to rustle up extra invites as fast as I can.


There were a couple of exceptional entries, though, and they will be getting the first invites, including these two fabulous Photoshop jobs that put Gizmodo right in my favorite place on 42nd and Broadway in the whole world, Times Square.

Congratulations Jonathon Robinson and Isaac Epp, and thanks to everybody who entered!
Look - Jonathon Robinson [Gizmodo]
Look - Isaac Epp [Gizmodo]

Update: I absolutely want to have each and every one of you inside of me. You all, within 15 minutes, provided enough Gmail invites to cover every, single entry. Just awesome, thanks! (You can stop sending invites now).