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I'm all for the future. I mean, look at where you're at, who you're talking to. I like the future so much that I even like the past's futures, futures that were planted with love but never quite formed into a fully blossoming flying cars or whatever. But in the future, as I'm lounging around with my dome open, instructing technicians to lift my brain onto a substrate of pure electrical joy, I will never, ever, ever let a robot cut my dick. I might have sex with a robot, that's fine; looking forward to it, actually. But at no point will I be placing my penis into a tube filled with knives.

Full blown hysterics after the jump.

I'm a penis slicer luddite, I know, but no, for real, no. So why do the people that make SmartKlamp think that — when I wouldn't let a robot, which can maneuver with mathematical precision, touch me — I would use a Bris-O-Matic on my or my progeny's spurters? Is there a market need here? Are scapel-wielding doctors and rabbis not fast enough to get the job done? Is there a worldwide circumcision shortage?


Fine, I'm overreacting, but look at the pictures on the SmartKlamp page (warning, bloody boy genitals ahoy!) and think about the possibility of malfunction. (Thanks, Steven, for the 'tip.')
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