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I know that Sanrio's Hello Kitty is sort of hackneyed, but it's hard not to appreciate the sheer force of an entity that has for thirty years been the centerpiece of a full-on marketing onslaught — especially one so free from use or meaning. Hello Kitty is marketing Zen, or maybe the lightless black hole of product development. If you gaze into Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty gazes also into you.

So to celebrate three decades of soul-sucking kawaii frenzy, Sanrio has developed, among other products, a $3,700 Hello Kitty Robot. I know! Come inside to find out the details, and we'll giggle and clap and jump together.


Although immobile, the Hello Kitty robot will include speech recognition and will speak back via speech synthesis. And behind her eyes are two CCDs that will recognize (in theory) who she is talking to, presumably so she can continue her inane conversation with you. She also has two built-in ultrasonic sensors, but I'll be honest, I have no idea what those will be used for if she isn't designed to move. Still, Hello Kitty robot! SorobanGeeks has more pictures and details for you, at least if you can read French or Japanese.
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