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Depending on who you want to believe, it just might be. ThinkSecret is reporting that "reliable sources" have confirmed a new full-sized iPod design that is smaller, sleeker, and colored — not unlike the iPod mini. Although these pictures are speculative, it's expected that the new models of iPod — the top end of which will use a 60GB hard drive — will be offered in purple, orange, and yellow, and possibly the existing iPod mini colors as well (it would be classy if they were to offer a white model in the new form factor, as well).

High-resolution comparison shot with the iPod mini, links, and more inside.

Gizmodo's retail sources tend to confirm the rumor, as buying managers have begun getting information about a possible early August launch, contrary to initial rumors that put the launch at the August 31st Apple Expo Paris. What isn't confirmed, however, is the form factor itself. For now, our crack Photoshop work will have to do.


Also, if anyone has genuine pictures of the next iPod, feel free to send them in.

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