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So, uhm, I guess the wait for the T-Mobile Sidekick II is about over since PC Magazine just put up a review. Way to start the hype machine, Danger! Maybe they decided not to really talk it up because it looks sort of, you know, bland. I mean, come on, VGA camera? Is the Sidekick destined to remain the sort-of-cool cellphone with the crappy camera? How about user-developed applications? When do we get those?

I guess I'll reserve final judgement until I can play around with the new unit, but for now it looks like a modest upgrade to a unit sorely in need of some juice in the first place. Also, I'm still a little bit bitter Danger got so fussy a few months back when we leaked the images of the Sidekick II. We only leaked because we cared! (Thanks, RVK!)

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