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Following in the footsteps of, IMDB, and other user-driven sites, some entrepreneurial folks over in the UK have started a website called "Sex Toy Testers," a name which conjures images of a team of stalwart sex toy reviewers, like a horny Ghostbusters.

The website's interface leaves a lot to be desired, but it does fill a need which tamer websites are too wussy to address. Users can rate sex toys they've used, read reviews posted by other users, and even sign up to become a "sex toy tester" for the website. You too could be swimming in sex toy review units for the small price of answering a survey which will be posted online. You don't even have to be literate, apparently, judging by some of the reviews.


Unfortunately, the website seems to lack a search function (which brings us back to the substandard interface), and product descriptions with user ratings don't seem to be integrated with user reviews. These guys remind me of some lovers I've had — the sort that talk big, but can't fill the shoes they've described. Too bad there isn't viagra for poorly implemented website ideas.

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