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IO Data Device has a new RAID1 solution for those of you interested in data mirroring. If you're wondering what "RAID" is, it's not the stuff that causes roaches to explode; RAID1 describes data mirroring across two drives. The advantage to RAID1 is that you get redundancy, increasing reliability. The disadvantage, of course, is that you need to write the same data twice.

Back on topic, IO Data has quite an impressive setup going in the "HDR-MDS-A" RAID unit. You get two 2.5 inch hard drives and a RAID1 controller. But the best part? It all fits inside of a standard 3.5" drive bay. It's even got Mac support. But frankly, as this entire RAID process is hardware-based, it shouldn't matter what OS you are using. By just plugging the setup into a standard 3.5" drive connection, you're hot to trot.


40, 60, and 80GB models will be available, at prices around $800 USD, $1000 USD, and $1300 USD respectively. You've got to really be strapped for space to drop $800 on a simple RAID1 setup, but oh well. It's Japan!

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