Networks Solutions is fucking up my livelihood. You may have noticed that some of the other Gawker sites are having problems—weird name resolution, ad server going wonky, etc. Well it seems that Network Solutions (our internet name registrar) has decided to cancel and suspend our primary, life-giving domain because of a failed credit card transaction over a month ago. Not a missed payment, mind you—we were registering a new name domain name and something went screwy (Choire probably left it on a dresser again), although their customer service never contacted us about it. In fact, we've registered two other names with them since, without issue.

So when I woke up this morning, I didn't expect to see that would be suspended, nor was I happy to learn that the renewal process, according to NetSol's Indian customer service rep Patricia 011, would take four days. We are now, as a company, bleeding money from our eyes because a single, unrelated credit card transaction failed.

So keep that in mind if are using Network Solutions. They reserve the right to disable any of your domains if there is any random issue with your account, then drag their feet to remedy their fuck up.

In the mean time, if you need to get to, the IP is We'll get this resolved (oh ho ho) as soon as possible.