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Both Google and Babelfish don't seem to want to translate Italian, but from what I can piece together, this furry bag from Samsung is one of two things: a really goofy research project for a motorized travel bag that knows its owner and responds to voice control; or a really goofy fake product Samsung is using in a viral marketing campaign. If you sprechen ze Italia ingles, feel free to confirm or correct my theory. In the meantime, I'm just going to pretend I never saw this. (Thanks, Garth!)

Fidobag Project Page [Samsung-Italia]

Update: Readers translate after the jump.

Justin writes:

FidoBag is the first suitcase to the world that needs not to to be transported. Thanks to the invention of two brothers Alfredson, the system RVC (Remote Voice Control), FidoBag recognizes the frequency of the voice of its owner and reaches it and follows wherever, actual how would do its faithful friend to four feet. Other important feature of FidoBag is the sitema of safety "Barks". You suffice that FidoBag comes taken from strangers and begins to bark with an intensity of 197.5 db, intensity in a position of to stun the ill-intentioned one. Thieves of suitcases you are informed!


Luca writes:

Being Italian I can confirm the speech recognition and the automatic following of the suitcase s owner (it doesn t explain how this thing is motorized though). The best things are that it s supposed to listen to your commands for a distance of up to 450m, being a lot, especially in crowded airports. Anyway, in case a thief grabbed the suitcase it emits a 197.5 db barking sound you can choose the design to come as a Dalmatian dog or poodle and you can even order a brush for that thing sweeeet! It obviously is a fake, but a good one, you gotta admit ;)

So basically, doesn't look real, but is just a... promotion?