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While it's not a gadget, exactly, we felt it would be pretty rad of us to inform you of a new product from BMW—the "dog safety belt" represents the world's first dog-only safety belt from an actual automobile manufacturer. Scheduled to be available for about 21,000 yen from dealers all across Japan on November 5th, the three sizes of safety belt can suit dogs between 7 and 40 kilograms (15 - 88 pounds).

BMW's introduction of this product in Japan should come as no surprise; dogs are all the rage over there, and have been for quite some time now. Still, since the risk posed to dogs riding in cars seatbelt-less is the same in Japan as any country, there's a slight chance BMW will decide to bring this one over to other countries. By the way, BMW: "shoot out like a missile" probably isn't the best way to describe what happens to an unbelted dog in a car accident. You sick bastards.

Press Release (PDF) [BMWJP]