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This is so stupid. Apple has added a product rating to their online store, letting users submit reviews of products and give them a one- to five-star rating—unless those products happen to be Apple branded. If it's an Apple-made product, like an iPod Dock, for instance, it automatically gets a 'five Apple' rating, "because we think they re great."

It gets worse. In the little pop-up FAQ box it reads:

Why can t customers rate Apple products?
Would you trust us to display less than perfect ratings on our own products? We didn t think so!

What does that even mean? We wouldn't trust you to... be honest? To take a few lumps if your product is less-than-perfect? What a cop out. If they weren't going to let Apple products be rated and reviewed, they shouldn't have added the feature at all. (Thanks, gruverja!)

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