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Keyspan has a new version of their Digital Media Remote that will work specifically with Apple's Airport Express Wi-Fi/iTunes extender. By plugging the infrared receiver into the USB port of the Airport Express, users will be able to control not only iTunes, but other applications on their Mac or PC as well (I think—I'm a little iffy on the 'other than iTunes' part).

It looks like the remote will be out in a few days for around $60. For those that use the Airport Express as a way to get their computer's music to a stereo in another room, it would almost certainly be a worthwhile purchase (presuming you haven't already worked out another way to control your computer via Bluetooth or remote).

Keyspan pr sente Express Remote (French) [MacGeneration]

Update: Keyspan's Jose Arellano adds some clarification of the Remote's uses after the jump.

Just wanted to clarify a few issues about the Express Remote story.

You can use the remote in 1 of 2 ways:

* you can connect the Express Remote to your AirPort Express. In this
configuration, the Express Remote will control iTunes via the AirPort
Express. No software needed. Just plug the Express Remote into AirPort
Express and voila! Now you can control your music near your speakers (no
more running back to your PC to switch songs, change volume, etc.)!


* you can connect the Express Remote to your computer. In this
configuration, the Express Remote can control any application. This
requires that you install Keyspan software on your computer.