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Last night we crashed our way into the au/Marc Newson Talby launch party in true Gawker style (or, you know, lack thereof). The sweaty, multi-room event consisted mainly of set pieces emphasizing the new Marc Newson G-Star line of fussy-wear. Like parties in New York, Tokyo parties get incrementally more enjoyable as champagne is knocked back. Nevertheless, it was mostly people orbiting around Newson—he bristled when we called them 'groupies'—trying to pretend that rubber shoes are actually a viable fashion statement. On the bright side, did we mention the champagne? Also, we got a free t-shirt, which is listed as a 'large.' I'll probably be able to put it on our cats or something.

Oh, speaking of diminutive Japanese, I would like to retract my earlier statements about them being on the short side. That's maybe a little bit true, but not as pronounced as it was on the plane (they must all have been slouchers). They are, however, a people entirely unburdened by sweat glands. I think Tokyoites are half-human, half-bicarbonate powder.