Clarion has announced a new in-dash touch-screen DVD player/monitor for cars that will be the company's first to integrate controls for Apple's iPod. The VRX755VD will have a seven-inch screen and a touch-screen control pad that will give access to the iPod's playlists and song information. This in and of itself isn't a terribly new feature, but so far previous head unit controls for the iPod have left a lot to be desired. Alpine's system gets the closest, but still is obviously an afterthought design. Hopefully the Clarion unit will get closer to the natural iPod interface.

A call to Clarion revealed that no pictures of the VRX755VD are planned to be released until CES in January.

Clarion to integrate iPod with car stereos [MacCentral]

Update: An anonymous tipster writes: "Don't know if this helps at all, but a couple of my bosses (I work for a large CE Retailer) have told me that it's actually supposed to have a virtual iPod displayed on the screen, and that you can "use" the touch wheel and buttons on the screen version of the iPod."