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I like hot dogs, I but hate what happens to them in boiling water or (God forbid) the microwave. Juicy and delicious processed beef-parts-in-tube require some kind of grilling-type heat application. Even those rolling grill things at convenience stores beat the microwave, which is why my mouth watered with anticipation when I saw the Hot Diggity Dogger. At first glance you might think it is a toaster, but it'ss designed to grill two dogs and toast two buns simultaneously. Looks like it will accomodate standard size hot dogs and perhaps slightly larger sausages, but be sure to check with your insurance provider about your co-pay for emergency room visits.

Concepts Electronix Hot Diggity Dogger [BriansBelly]

Update: A concerned reader writes: "I wish your site posted comments. This item is an incredible POS. I had one for about a day before I took it back. It's cheaply built, does a lousy job on hot dogs, is worse toasting buns, is awkward to properly clean, and is probably dangerous if fats build up. I wouldn't gift one to anyone unless I wanted them to think I was cheap AND stupid."