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Planning on stuffing your face with too many cookies this holiday season? Atkins Nutritionals has teamed up with Digital Chocolate (oh the irony) to provide carb-counting software for mobile phones. The service, called "Atkins 2Go," will presumably add some nominal monthly fee to the user's cell phone bill, and will offer instant access to the carbohydrate content of various foods as well as personal weight loss statistics. Not content with just catering to mobile phone users, Atkins has also teamed up with NoviiMedia to develop similar carb-tracking software for Palm handhelds, apparently to compete with Weight Watchers International's "Weight Watchers on the Go" service for Palms. Interesting, but it's not probably not much less convenient to get off one's ass and Jazzercise or sweat to the oldies a few times a week. The whole "stay fit while sitting around like a slovenly blob of man-jello," diet craze scares me somehow. The epic consumption of animal flesh does not, however, kidneys be damned.

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