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Someone over at Apple must be an anime fan, because Bandai Networks has somehow scored the license to release a very, very limited edition "Evangelion iPod." Laser-engraved with the logo of NERV, everyone's favorite Tokyo-3 defending organization, the Eva iPod also comes with a specially designed case looking strikingly like a plug suit, headphones, and screen protector, all also ready to go with a NERV logo. Chances are, though, you'll never see one of these in real life—Bandai Networks will only sell 2,000 of these boys. Looks like the rest of us will have to settle for just writing "NERV" on the back of our iPods in Sharpie.

Eva is still huge in Japan, at least among the otaku. I saw whole floors of shops dedicated to Rei and Asuka dolls after, what, 10 years? Crazy.

Press Release [Bandai Networks via TechJapan]