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Fate conspired to keep the LaCie Silverscreen drive from my notice, for I have both handled it at CES and skimmed this report at MacCentral without realizing what exactly it was I was looking at. Thankfully my friend Aron set me straight, pointing out that the relatively inexpensive USB hard drive could play a variety of video and audio formats (including XviD and AAC) directly out to almost any TV—including TVs with support for analog YPbPr High Definition inputs. That means you could fill up the 80GB model with about nine or ten ripped DVDs and play them back at top quality, including 5.1 Dolby Digital audio via an optical SPDIF audio out. If it had some sort of built-in display, it would be the iPod Video we've always wanted.

LaCie silverscreen drive connects to TV [MacCentral]